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Пол из тика на балконе

Welcome to my humble website!

First of all, I Express my sincere appreciation for your interest in Teak wood and its products. This is the most unique tree on the planet, and therefore You are unique and interesting!
I will try to share with You all that I learned about this tree succinctly and truthfully.

The greatest satisfaction in my work I receive from Your gratitude for the correct materialization of Your ideas and dreams. But to waste the life for a bad result, in my opinion, does not make sense!

I've been selling teak wood, manufacturer of deck flooring teak, terraces teak wood, teak shower grate and teak overflow gratings for swimming pools.

Pavel Павел Калугин

About the price issue that ranges from 700$ to 800$ per square meter of the finished floor:

The price of the finished floor consists of the price of the boards or slats, pictures pre-treatment of the material, the price of primers, adhesives, sealant, prices of consumables, depreciation of all equipment and prices for all the work to make a deck coverings.

1. The price of solid wood or rail teak or merbau (mahogany) ranges from$ 150 to$ 300 per square meter. This is the main factor affecting the price of the finished floor. Mahogany floor significantly cheaper. But it is less beautiful, more solid (like oak) and produces a large amount of the red pigment. To fight the pigment can only a thick layer of oil, which will close the pores and texture of a tree. The floor from teak more expensive, but prettier, softer, nicer to the touch and does not create problems with staining of the water and wet items. The teak wood flooring is vulnerable to various kinds of mechanical damage, because wood density is almost two times lower than merbau. Low density wood teak wood due to the high content of natural oils. This allows the tick to transfer the humidity drops and temperatures without breaking down and rotting.
2. Most often the material chosen for the manufacture of floor has parquet profile and chamfer. To seam, encapsulated, smooth chamfer needs to be removed and to give the material a special profile.
3. Primer is the first in what is already can not save. I primed the base with an epoxy primer, which binds and gidroizolirovat base, provides better adhesion for polyurethane glue.
4. The glue I use only professional polyurethane because of their flexibility in a frozen state. The tree change their linear dimensions under the influence of moisture, while polyurethane adhesive allows the wood to expand and contract without separation from the base for decades. No metal fasteners I don't use, unless at the time of curing the adhesive. The adhesive is save.
5. The sealant I use only professional, deck, polyurethane and black only. It is expensive and with a large number and cross section of joints significantly affects the final cost of the deck coating.
6. Consumables include saw blades, cutters, grinding abrasive etc. etc. And processing wood with best quality requires a professional snap, which is not cheap. And I also do not save.
7. All equipment, including a car, requires regular prophylaxis, and sometimes replacement. To provide you with the best result and I is not save.
8. The process of manufacture of deck coating is ten times more difficult than to lay parquet. And requires special knowledge and experience. Because there can exist a five-year warranty on deck covering. Price of 300$-400$ per square.

Everything seems to be sincerely expressed. If questions still remain, please call. And then complement section.

Why tick and where it to take?

Tectona grandis — species of deciduous trees of the genus Tectona family Lamiaceae.
The natural habitat of teak wood located in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Northern Thailand and northwestern Laos.
With nice texture Golden-brown wood of teak used for the production of garden furniture, decks of ships, and in other places, where resistance to weathering. Teak wood is easily processed, however, may blunt tools, as it contains silicon. Natural teak oil makes it resistant to termites and rot, allowing you to use this wood for exterior use. Teak is resistant without additional protective coatings. Wood obtained from old teak trees is considered much more durable and solid than wood plantation teak. More information about this tree can be found here

I decided to stay at teak tree, which grows naturally in the forests of Myanmar or Burma, was the name of this country before. Wild teak contains a lot of natural wood oils, which do not allow the wood to rot, crack and buckle, and yet, what is particularly interesting is wet teak floor is not slippery! Enterprising Chinese have found a way of importing teak in their country at their factories. In China, there are many offers teak wood and its products. But to find a factory with access to raw materials of high grade, and even with decent equipment is not an easy task. My quest to succeed. Logs 6-meter length, good machines and competent approach to the production of billets.

Диковое дерево

Диковое дерево

Deck material, namely, deck rail, in my case 8*50*2000-3500 mm. must be kiln-dried and have a radial cut on the entire length.

Диковое дерево

Тиковое дерево

Long talks about the quality and possible defects, quality control during production and the product of the best quality ready to leave China.

Тиковое дерево

Тиковое дерево


Color teak - initial change when exposed to weathering.

The following photos show the initial change the color of the wood Tick under the influence of the environment. In the oxidation process, the wood becomes more natural Golden yellow tint. Meanwhile, fresh cut can have a much wider range of colors, from white-pink and greenish to gray-brown.

In the process of exploitation there is the further oxidation and destruction of the top layer. Wood color Teak active when exposed to weathering (for example, in the summer on the outdoor deck of the ship) first loses saturation and becomes white-yellow range, then turns grey and finally, in the absence of care for the wood, it becomes a silvery gray.

On the one hand, ashy, silvery-grey color is considered noble because of the Association with expensive trim of yachts and ships. However, the obvious drawback in the operation of such aged coating becomes the quality of the surface: the top layer of the Teak wood becomes loose, the pile rises from moisture and the coating becomes rough to the touch, much faster soiled.

Therefore, to maintain the original natural appearance of Teak cover (for example, Teak decks, Teak terraces or even Teak parquet in the apartment) is recommended not only preventive care (update of the protective coating, for example oil), but also periodic fine regrinding of the floor surface, followed by applying a protective layer parquet deck or chemistry. This coating prevents oxidation and destruction of the top layer of the wood and makes it easier to keep operational quality Teak covering.

Change the color of Teak boards in proportion to time spent outdoors and depends on the following factors:
- air temperature
- direct sunlight
- humidity
- the presence of the coating (oil, varnish, impregnation)

So, the most rapid change in color of Teak occurs outdoors in direct sun at high humidity and high temperature. On the contrary, in a cool room or in a sealed package wood color Teak practically will not change.

Many factories to ensure quality homogeneous sort of Tick spread of the workpiece to the open air prior to packaging or prior to the last stage of production. This allows you to get the final classic Golden hue of the wood for 1-3 days (depending on climatic conditions). However, this color change only affects the top layer of the material, therefore, the further sawing or sanding Teak wood newly found so-called "fresh color". This is illustrated by the following photos.

Mapping the color gamut of the blanks Teak decking boards from the same batch.

Right side of the picture shows the classic color Teak boards without coating. In this color are shipped all parquet and decking products made from Burmese teak. This natural color is manifested after finding a billet in direct sun for 1-3 days.

Left in photo is the reverse side teak boards, not exposed to direct UV radiation.

To check the "fresh color" teak wood sawn along the beam Hm. In the lower part shows the original brown colour timber (Teak wood).The right side is a fresh color immediately after deep resurfacing. This Teak color characteristic of fresh cut radial patterns.
On the left side - fresh color, aged in open air for 15 minutes (temperature is +25 degrees, Sunny).


This photograph shows a Teak timber entirely. When exposed to direct sunlight the color of the Tick begins to change within minutes. After 15-20 minutes, the contrast between the color of the original cut (bottom) and color optional polished section of Teak timber (above) is almost not noticeable.



Color exotic flooring

(flooring from exotic wood is one of the most talked about issues in the purchase and restoration of the flooring, along with the origin, geometry, according to the state standards, etc. In most cases really it all comes down to the choice of color on the principle of "like - dislike", but it is very important to imagine how changing the color of the wood.

Once in the shop, You have to try to "experienced" sellers. For the most part, these are young people without experience and desire to work. When choosing the array of exotic breeds should ask them key questions that they, as a rule, I will give you only about:

1. As far as this breed is stable in our climate? You mean the "capriciousness" of the breed, prone to cracking, deformation due to the change in climatic conditions (temperature, humidity).

2. How much time has passed since the fabrication of this sample? How it's stored, in the light or in the shade, in the film or outdoors? This will help to understand which changes color in principle could occur. And how quickly they happen.

3. Is it possible to see the original color of the material in the package? This allows you to better understand the question "or not brought".

4. Are there any signs of deformation on the samples? Note on the geometry of the elements, the gaps between them, at the crack of putty (if it is a shield), etc. Directly color it, but, adjusted for the climate, will help you to understand what will be the final appearance of Your floor in the future.

5. What are the colors and shades of this tree? What sort (including color) specified by the manufacturer? Any variation of color within the same Board, between boards in the package, between packages in the party? What is the dynamics of color change characteristic of flooring in different shades (within the same breed).

6. Than the treated samples in the store? What primer, lacquer/oil was used, how many layers? Is it possible to repeat this method in the apartment or recommended another? If other, then what changes will occur in relation to the color of the flooring?

And this is not a complete list of questions to ask to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The answers to these questions will help You to understand how it will look in Your new flooring after 1-2 years of operation. And not in the moment when the parquet team will finish the installation and will give You their work. As the practice suggests, the main problems occur 3-4 months after installation, when to refer not to anyone, and the customer is not satisfied with its result.

Now directly to Your questions on Merbau colour (mahogany).

You choose parquet Merbau (mahogany), this breed significantly changes color under the influence of the environment. Both in a glossy and uncoated (here the difference is only in the speed of color change). Advisable to remember what samples You claimed before buying. As they were labeled by color and matches the markings that indicated on the pack.

Bright Merbau really yellow, it's his natural fresh color, continued after fresh cut stem, industrial drying and further processing. In order to minimize the color change (and not only for this) modern flooring must have a competent multi-layer packaging. In the end, what You see, opening a new pack, this is the "fresh color".

What would happen to him then.

1. If you can put it out of the bag and leave it in the air, the color will gradually go in the red range. Yellow will turn pink over time to darken (the farther away, the slower). Perhaps You and this color showed in the store. The rate of change is positively influenced by the ultraviolet light, humidity, temperature, oxygen. If you have the time, desire and open the pack, put to check one or two die on the street (more important for summer weather, of course), moistening the surface and put opaque tape on a small area. Within a day can tear off the tape and look at the difference in color.

2. Merbau is an exotic breed that contains natural oils. The varnish on these rocks lies very reluctantly, and would be ignorant to varnish solvent without causing the soil. Any primer will change the color of the wood. Most of them will actively "firing" of the wood, making it darker. The samples in the store it's probably been done. On packs, obtained by You - not.

3. Finish also affects the color. Parquet oil, for example, penetrates the pores, making the wood darker and contrast. Primer for oil is not required, but the color will change. Varnish, depending on composition, degree of gloss, etc. also can give a different visual effect. Than the samples were coated in the store, it is best to find out there. And if you like-just repeat this method.

4. Exotic wood often changes hue depending on the angle of view. This is due to the location of the fibers. As a rule, characteristic of dense contrast to the rocks of the tangential cut (concentric patterns on the surface of the Board). The individual elements of the flooring from Merbau can also be different colors when viewed from different angles. Therefore, the average color of the party is judged by the background (at least 1-2 meters, collected together on one plane).

What to choose: parquet or solid wood?

This is the question faced by most of the buyers who made a choice not in favor of laminate and wood flooring, real solid wood flooring. The term "array" refers to the type of flooring consisting of a one-piece, single layer of wood.

Outset that, in the end, the choice of the form of a massive cover - it's a matter of taste, and the notion of "correctness", "feasibility", "reasonableness" is applicable here is very conditional. Often the design of the interior determines the appearance of the floor, with parameters such as durability, resistance surfaces, remoteremote can move to the background or does not play any role. At the same time that massive floor - regardless, parquet or solid Board - allows you to create a durable coating, which provided competent styling and good care, will serve for decades.

Packing of a piece parquet, solid flooring, decking coatings


1. Why Teak?

Teak wood is a unique material. Traditionally, it has been used for centuries in shipbuilding, as well as in other types of construction and finishes, where it is expected to operate in extreme climatic conditions. Due to the high content of natural oils, Teak wood stable, practically does not rot, is not destroyed by insects, and is resistant to atmospheric and chemical influences. The density of Tick less on some hard rocks, such as Merbau, making it, on the one hand, less resistant to physical damage, but - more importantly - more stable and reliable in the volatile climate.

Тиковое дерево в судостроении

Террасный настил из Тика (тиковый декинг, тиковая доска)

2. What A Tick? We use wood forest Birmanskiego tree, which, unlike plantation Teak comes from Indonesia, has several important advantages:
- large dimensions: deck and decking material has a length of 4 meters, width from 60mm to 200mm, standard length decking - to 2.4 metres with a width of 125/140mm;
- sorting: color and structure of Burmese Teak is much more uniform;
- stability: the trunks of Teak forest on order over Teak plantation, and the young wood is much less stable and more prone to deformation under changing climate regime.

3. Where and how to install? For the manufacture of flooring used smooth Teak decking Board (decking) without tongue and groove, with a small chamfer on the front surface. Floor mounted with a longitudinal gap of 5-6mm between boards. Clearance required for water flow. To install this flooring anywhere where it is possible to provide for the slopes and drains on the ground. When installing terraces Teak wood to set the correct level we use supports and transverse joists, made from Burmese Teak. Visible fasteners (cross-cutting screws, staples, metal profiles, plastic holders) are not used in principle. You see the natural wood.

The main objects for decking flooring are:
- open balconies, terraces in homes and cottages
open spaces accessible roof
- open area with any base (soil, concrete)

Террасный настил из Тика (тиковый декинг, тиковая доска)

Поверхность тиковой доски покрывается маслом

4. Operation.

After laying Teak decking Board is polished and covered with teak oil for external application, which gives the wood a brown color, protects from adverse weather conditions and provides a non-slip surface flooring. In operation, oxidized, the surface of the Board Teak gaining a Golden color, then white and finally goes to grey. Especially quickly this process occurs in open areas, exposed to direct sun and water. Preventive treatment teak flooring is fairly simple and allows you to return the original color, without too much cost.

5. Myths and misconceptions.

a). For terraces is only suitable corrugated, "non-slip" profile. This is not so. Tick right after sanding and a coat of oil has non-slip, velvety surface. On the contrary, the groove profile has radioshow: dirt and dust clogged in the slits that are difficult to clean and cannot easily be smoothed. In the end, for quality repairs terraces after some time it will require complete sanding to smooth the surface.

b). "Teak is not absorbs water." Wrong. Any living tree susceptible to deformation under the influence of moisture. To limit exposure to moisture can only be sealed with varnish, chemical processing and other special methods.

Террасный настил из Тика (тиковый декинг, тиковая доска)

Teak is used for wet areas mainly because of resistance to rot, insects, etc.

in). "The harder the wood, the better." Not quite. Denser wood will be slightly more resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion, but may behave unpredictably when a sudden drop in temperature and humidity. Often solid rocks laid on the terraces, cracks appear after the "Russian winter". When choosing, pay attention to all the characteristics of wood in General, not just for a better price, color and density of the tree.

g). "The tick is the same everywhere". Be careful. There are several breeds in the Russian name which includes the word "Tick", but they belong to a different Botanical family. Good examples are "African Teak" (Iroko, Kambala) or "Brazilian Teak" (Kumar). These exotic hardwood similar to Teak in color, but have a different texture, fiber and other completely different properties. Ask yourself: what is valued Tick, if there is a cheaper breed?

d). "To put it simply". Strictly speaking, in the process of installation is no big deal, except the use of the special knowledge, experience, specific tools and materials. The result is illiterate installation may be the need for local repair of the floor structure/terrace and full replacement of all the material.

Typical cases of "simple styling" floor repaired in 1-2 years:

- The parquet tongue/groove or Board tenon/groove in wet areas (usually the bathrooms). Cheap parquet laying in the "risk zone" for the tree often leads to irreversible deformations and requires serious intervention. Deck laying - more expensive, but allows you to not worry about future problems with the floor.

- Plastic fasteners or supports on the terraces. Usually short-lived. Especially when there is saving on materials. Plastic is gradually destroyed by the impact of the external environment, and if solid wood is held only by a plastic fastener that allows for separation of the floor from the base.

Metal fasteners on the terraces. Two standard options: the fasteners holding the Board behind the groove (longitudinal slot on the side) or fastening screws on top of the Board. And in fact, and in another case, a so-called "conflict materials: wood and metal under the influence of the external environment are deformed in different ways. Several cycles of expansion (swelling) and drying wood (especially in the conditions of Russian winter) usually lead not only to the appearance of traces of oxidation on the tree, but also to the warping and cracks in the area of the junction with metal. Not to mention that experiencing loads of dense wood can pull or simply cut off a nail or screw. The result is a large - scale repair of floor coverings.