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The teak terrace

This floor is solid teak 20*120*1200-3200 mm. with a bevel on two or four sides. Either the floor is solid teak or merbau any size, made on-deck technology. Manufactured floor without metal fasteners using a deck of chemistry. Metal and wood very differently respond to changes in temperature and humidity. Drainage gaps between the boards have a width of 5mm. Board is Laid on teak logs section h mm., which are attached to glued to the base of the teak supports section 50*100 mm and a pitch of 300 to 400 mm. To clean inlets, are fabricated access covers. The finishing is usually colorless oil.

Warranty, if properly exploited - two years.
The service life of the floor covering at least 10 years.

Today there are many types of decking and decking used for the manufacture of floor terraces, verandas, gazebos, operated roofing, okolopostelnoy spaces, garden paths, boat ramps and other areas under the open sky, and walk barefoot is the most pleasant and comfortable at any temperature on the floor made of natural wood. But very few tree species may be suitable for the manufacture of high-quality decking for areas with extreme temperature changes and humidity, but also favorable for the life and reproduction of various insects and microorganisms, parasitic on the tree.

Wood suitable for the manufacture of the decking or decking must have a good balance of chemical and physical properties to resist for several decades, moisture and dryness, heat and cold, insects and fungi, mildew and rot, as well as mechanical wear. An important factor is the possibility of the restoration of the floor.

The required combination of properties of the tree, allowing it to be used as decking or decking for a floor terraces, verandas, gazebos, pools, and boat berths, namely, density, hardness, texture of the fibers, the content in the wood of minerals and natural oils, it has been found in Burmese teak and merbau.

Burmese teak since ancient times and still used in shipbuilding as a floor (teak floor, teak floor, teak deck), furniture and furnishing materials. A good alternative to semi Burmese teak cost is merbau flooring.

Our experience with these types of wood as decking or decking lets say that during the years of operation the floor is teak and flooring from merbau not warp, rastreskivaetsja and, with timely care, do not lose the aesthetic appearance.