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Тиковая решетка

Teak countertop

Teak, in spite of resistance to moisture, subject to changes to its dimensions with changes in the environment. In my opinion, countertop teak emitting array, but is made from veneer teak oil, over time, will get gaps between the elements. The oil leaves the wood pores open, allowing the tree to remain "alive." Can offer countertop teak, made of moisture-resistant materials for the base and teak covering on deck technology. Deck sealant coating makes airtight, hygienic and durable.

столешница из тика

Душевая решетка из тика

Shower teak grating

Shower grates are made I thick teak 15mm. or 20mm. The thickness of the shower grating can be from 30mm. up to 40mm. If the substrate bias, and shower bars should occupy a horizontal position, I do support under teak shower grate and thereby reach the desired result. Width teak slats in each individual case and is calculated to obtain the integer number of strips of equal width with a gap of 5 mm between the rails on the perimeter. Teak shower grating is glued with polyurethane glue, sanded and soaked with oil.

тиковая душевая решетка Душевая решетка из тика